The beginning of a basket maker’s journey

It’s time to embrace the blog and marry this 21st century technology with technology from many thousands of years BC… that is, the amazing art of basketry. I will be blogging about my practice as an artist in Australia using basketry techniques to make both sculptures and functional vessels.

I made my first basket, unexpectedly, while weeding the garden in 2002. I had a hank of beautiful passionfruit vine in my hand, that had been dug up a few weeks previously and had bleached in the sun. I couldn’t bear to throw such lovely material on the compost heap, so instead I started playing with it, twisting it around and tucking the ends in to make a structure similar to a bird’s nest. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was using a technique called “random weave”. That was the birth of Meredith Peach, basket maker. Prior to that day I had no notion of ever making baskets.

My first random weave experiments

One thought on “The beginning of a basket maker’s journey”

  1. Hi and thanks- this was just what I was looking for. I’ve moved into a little house surrounded by bangalows and was wondering what I could do with the fronds and flower stalks- loved your bowls from the flowers- you inspired a few ideas.

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